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Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)
for websites & mobile apps

Dynamically display phone numbers on your website or app to
identify the unique ad channel, campaign & keyword for every call.

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Instantly know which marketing
really drives phone calls & sales

KeyMetric Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is an advanced, session-based method of inbound call tracking for websites & mobile apps that reveals which advertising channels, campaigns & keywords drive the most calls, engagements & sales opportunities.
Easily identify whether a visitor to your website called becuase of a specific Google Ads keyword search, an Instagram ad, a Facebook post, or an unlimited number of other digital, mobile & offline advertising sources.
KeyMetric DNI will also identify whether the call came from a mobile phone, an a tablet or digital device, or a landline phone. For mobile calls, KeyMetric click-to-call will capture advanced call data without the need for tracking phone numbers or per-minute fees.

How it works

Copy and paste the KeyMetric SiteTag
to each page on your website.
Estimate your website traffic to calculate
the total phone numbers needed.
Select to add DNI call tracking to a new
or existing campaign or source.
Add a tracking parameter to the source or
keyword URL. (e.g.,
Because KeyMetric DNI tracks the visitors' browser sessions (session-based tracking), we use the fewest numbers possible while guaranteeing the highest level of call & conversion data accuracy. This means you can track thousands of paid search keywords with just a few phone numbers.
For offline advertising, coupons or other content, use KeyMetric DNI to show the same phone number on your website that is shown on your marketing campaigns by using a unique url, subdomain url, or tracking parameter.

Dynamic Number Insertion for Websites

Display a unique phone number on your website to identify the source, campaign & keyword for every call.

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Call Tracking as
Intelligent as You Are

KeyMetric Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is an intelligent, session-based method of call tracking for websites & mobile apps that reveals which channels, ads & keywords drive the highest engagement rates.

KeyMetric DNI intelligently replaces the default phone number on your website with a unique toll-free or local tracking number when a customer visits your website from a specific advertising campaign or channel.

Instantly identify whether a phone call initiated from your website was the result of a specific Google Ads keyword search, an Instagram post, a Facebook ad or an unlimited number of other campaigns & sources.

Local Plans

Local Lite = $19/ month
5 Local #s + 250 minutes.
Local Plus = $29/ month
10 Local #s + 500 minutes.
Local Premium = $55/ month
20 Local #s + 1000 minutes.

Toll-Free Plans

Toll-Free Lite = $29/ month
5 Toll-free #s + 250 minutes.
Toll-Free Plus = $49/ month
10 Toll-free #s + 500 minutes.
Toll-Free Premium = $89/ month
20 Toll-free #s + 1000 minutes.

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Call tracking from keymetric...
your new amazing superpower!

Generate more conversations and acquire more customers without spending more on advertising.

Local Numbers
Create a local presence to generate more calls, book more appointments & sell more products & services. Local numbers let customers know, "we're part of your community & ready for business."

Toll-Free Numbers
You've worked hard to build your business & are looking for regional, national or international customers. Toll-Free phone numbers say, "we're ready to take on your business no matter where you're located."

Make smarter keyword buys.
Generate more calls & sales.

Easily identify the unique paid search keyword for every call & customer interaction on your website. Just as important, identify the keywords that only deliver costly click-throughs that are eating up as much as 50% of your ad spend.

Access streamlined data to make smarter keyword bids on Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo & other paid search networks based on actual conversion & engagement rates.

For customers using Google Call Extensions, toll-free & local phone numbers can be used to enhance data beyond what Google delivers including caller ID, call recording, caller location, device type & more.

Actionable call & conversion data to produce more calls & website interactions for every client.

KeyMetric delivers intelligent, streamlined data to optimize the performance of every online & offline client campaign based on calls, interactions & conversion rates. Generate defendable proof of performance while delivering more calls, conversations & sales for every client.

Call Data Integration
In addition to our out-of-the-box integrations, the KeyMetric GetCalls API seamlessly integrates call data with nearly unlimited third-party reporting systems.

Enterprise Call Tracking
KeyMetric is the only call analytics platform on the market that can seamlessly integrate with other telephony services for when you have a client that has already invested heavily in their telephone system.

All the features you need to
make smarter marketing decisions.

5 Minutes or Less
Get up and running in just minutes. Add phone numbers instantly. Easy to add Site Tag for website dynamic number insertion.

Call intelligence
Streamlined reporting & charts provide all the data you need. Get the who, why, when & how for every call & interaction.

Call management
Multi-location & after-hours call routing. Call recording & whisper greeting. Call Tagging. Caller ID & geo mapping.

Achieve your goals
Create daily & weekly performance goals to measure call & engagement activity against business goals & objectives.

Share your data
Share call data with Google Analytics & Ads, Bing Ads, Salesforce, DashThis, Acquisio, Kenshoo & More. Free GetCalls API.

Data where you want it
Receive & share customized reports & daily, weekly or monthly activity updates via text message and/ or email.

Powering conversations around
the globe, one call at a time.

Since 2008, KeyMetric has helped intelligently connect businesses with over 40 million potential new customers.

The world is changing. How you connect with customers is changing. So we are changing with you; introducing the most affordable & usable Call Tracking platform on the market. Plans now starting as low as $19 per month.

70% of all new KeyMetric business comes from customer & partner referrals. We're pretty proud about that!

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