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Google Analytics™ makes it easy to track and measure visits and online interactions on your website, but what about when potential customers pick up the phone to make a call?

With Call Tracking for Google Analytics, you will instantly know the acquisition channel for every phone call made by a visitor on your website. See how many calls were generated by your Google Maps listing, a Facebook on Instagram ad, a Google Ads keyword, or an unlimited number of other channels.

Some advertising channels generate more calls than others. Call Tracking for Google Analytics gives you the data you need to identify which channels are delivering calls and engagements. Without this data you could be wasting 50% or more of your ad spend!

KeyMetric Call Tracking for Google Analytics reports the data you need to determine which campaigns and keywords are worth reinvesting in.


Feature Icon 11 Phone calls are seamlessly reported in Google Analytics reports as custom goals under the 'Conversions' menu.
Feature Icon 11 Easily connect your Google Ads account(s) with your Google Analytics account(s) to share ppc keyword data for every phone call.
Feature Icon 11 View enhanced phone call and channel acquisition data in the KeyMetric tool and / or get daily text message updates.

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Toll-Free & Local Number Call Tracking To Enhance Sales & Marketing Performance...

(877) 845-7971

Toll-Free Call Tracking
Toll-Free phone numbers are ideal for international, national and regional businesses - where customers may not be located within your area and toll-free calling will help increase call conversions.

Local Number Call Tracking
Local phone numbers are perfect for businesses and service providers looking to have an area code that is geographically close to their customers to help increase call conversion rates.

Instantly purchase and assign toll-free and local numbers in just seconds to include in digital, mobile and offline marketing campaigns or activate Intelligent Number Insertion (INI) on your website to track unlimited sources, campaigns and keywords.

Feature Icon 1 Enterprise-Class Platform & Security
Feature Icon 1 Toll-Free & Local Number Call Tracking
Feature Icon 1 Track Calls & Engagements In Real-Time
Feature Icon 1 Unlimited Sources, Campaigns & Keywords
Feature Icon 1 Intelligent Number Insertion for Websites

Feature Icon 1 Call Routing & Simul-Ring/ After Hours
Feature Icon 1 Call Recording & Call Whisper
Feature Icon 1 Call Notes, Tagging & Scoring
Feature Icon 1 Voice-to-Text Call Transcripts
Feature Icon 1 Text & Email Activity Updates

Feature Icon 1 Share Call Data with Google, Bing & More
Feature Icon 1 Real-Time Third-Party Integrations via API
Feature Icon 1 Standard, Custom & Multi-User Reports
Feature Icon 1 Agency-Level Administration & Billing
Feature Icon 1 Industry-Leading Service & Support

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