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Phone Call Tracking For Videos & Interactive Media
Track Phone Calls From Videos, TV Advertisements, Interactive Mobile Apps, Rich Media Campaigns & More

KeyMetric adTrax360 is perfect for tracking phone calls from videos (online, mobile, etc.) and media (rich media, tv ads, interactive ads, etc.) campaigns across online, mobile and digital platforms.

By adding a unique toll-free or local phone numbers to your video content or ad, or other interactive media, you can tracking inbound phone calls to determine accurate engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, you can include a unique URL to your website within the video or ad, or add a short tracking parameter to your standard URL, so that when customers click-through to your website from the video or media campaign they will see the same phone number on your website; allowing you to still identify the referring video source for the phone call.

Toll-free and/ or local phone numbers can be assigned in just seconds - making it easy to track phone calls from videos, interactive ad campaigns and rich-media sources to help measure your overall marketing effectiveness while determine accurate return on investment (ROI).

Did You Know...

By adding a unique website URL or tracking parameter to your video or rich-media ad that you can show the same number on your website; allowing to to identify the video or ad as the referring source of the visit, phone call and other engagements? Know whether your video and media investments are generating calls, leads and revenue.

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