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Phone Call Tracking For Pay per Click (PPC) Campaigns & Keywords
Track Phone Calls From Unlimited Pay per Click (PPC) Campaigns & Keywords On Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu & More

There is nothing worse than spending money on expensive keywords that deliver visitors to your website, but do not result in any phone calls, engagements or revenue. KeyMetric will help you optimize your pay per click ad spend by identify exactly which keywords and ads deliver valuable phone calls and engagements; and which keywords only deliver costly visitors.

KeyMetric enables you to track inbound phone calls and other engagements (forms, emails, live chat, downloads, etc.) from unlimited pay per click keywords, campaigns, ad groups and advertisements. Our session-based Intelligent Number Insetion (INI) means you can track unlimited keywords with less phone numbers than other services. And our integrations with Google Adwords and Google Analytics allows you to seamlessly import/ export cost data and other information to gain an accurate picture of your return on investment (ROI).

"With KeyMetric adTrax360 you will know which ppc keywords deliver 20 phone calls & engagments for $200 versus which ppc keywords deliver 20 phone calls & engagements for $2000!"

  • To track telephone calls from a Google Adwords PPC campaign, you would easily create a small pool of phone numbers in KeyMetric to track your campaign. KeyMetric Intelligent Number Insertion (INI) would then dynamically insert a unique phone number when a customer clicks on a pay per click ad specific to a unique keyword (keyword #1).
  • KeyMetric would then dynamically insert another unique phone number on your website if another customer clicked on another ad associated to another unique keyword (keyword #2).
  • If two or more customers clicked on the same ad, specific to the same keyword (keyword #3), KeyMetric would insert a unique phone number on your website for "Customer C" and a unique phone number for "Customer D." This allows you to track each user session, activity, and phone call seperately to track the unique click path and activity for each customer.
  • This same process applies to an unlimited number of keywords and campaigns across Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu or other Search Network.

Did You Know...

KeyMetric can not only track phone calls and engagements across an unlimited number of pay per click (ppc) keywords, but can also capture the match-type for each keyword? This allows you to effecitvely reinvest your advertising dollars on the keywords and match-types proven to deliver valuable phone calls.

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