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KeyMetric Customer Engagement, Event & Conversion Anlaytics
Real-Time Analytics to Measure The Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns Across Online Customer Engagements & Activities

KeyMetric is the only solution on the market today that seamlessly integrates real-time call tracking with real-time online customer engagement, event and conversion analytics in a single tool for a complete 360° view of your marketing effectiveness. Don't be intimidated by complex analytics tools - simply use KeyMetric to make quick and intelligent marketing decisions.

KeyMetric adTrax will help make you the smartest marketer in the room. Build custom real-time reports online, share and distribute custom reports with others in seconds, and distribute actionable intelligence across your entire organization to easily and effectively optimize your marketing investments.

Easily Track All Your Online & Offline Customer Engagements & Events
  • Phone Calls
  • Form Submissions
  • Live Chat Sessions
  • Email Sends & Blasts
  • Content Downloads
  • Video & Media Views
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Link Clicks
  • Coupon Sends & Prints
  • eCommerce/ Shopping Carts
  • NFC/ RFID/ QR Codes
  • Confirmation Page Loads
  • App Downloads
  • Survey Submissions
  • Profile Views
  • Many More

If you are not tracking all your online and offline engagements (including phone calls) with KeyMetric you cannot effectively determine what is, and what is not working to correctly adjust ad spend, ad buys, keyword bids and SEO to maximize conversions and return on investment (ROI).


Reinvest in The Campaigns & Sources Proven to Generate ROI
With KeyMetric adTrax, you easily identify exactly which sources, campaigns, media, keywords and SEO content are generating conversions, leads and sales. Stop wasting valuable marketing dollars and start using KeyMetric to identify where to best reinvest your advertising dollars to generate the greatest ROI.

In many cases the advertising campaigns, PPC keywords, search engine listings and SEO content that delivery the majority of visitors to your website do not generate the most conversions, engagements and sales. KeyMetric accelerates your ability to easily determine how visitors and customers are converting through the entire click path - and more importantly, which referring sources and campaigns delivered those valuable conversions and engagements.

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