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Phone Call Tracking For Social Networking & Social Media
Track Phone Calls From Unlimited Social Networks and Campaigns Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & More

Advertising on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be extremely valuable. KeyMetric helps you maximize that value by tracking inbound phone calls across unique social networks, pages, accounts and advertising.

By adding a unique toll-free or local phone numbers to your video content or ad, or other interactive media, you can tracking inbound phone calls to determine accurate engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, you can include a unique URL to your website within the video or ad, or add a short tracking parameter to your standard URL, so that when customers click-through to your website from the video or media campaign they will see the same phone number on your website; allowing you to still identify the source of the phone call.


KeyMetric makes it easy to track phone calls from videos, ad campaigns and media campaigns to measure marketing effectiveness while determine accurate return on investment (ROI).

Did You Know...

By adding a unique URL or tracking parameter to the URL showing in your video or media campaign that you can show the same number on your website; allowing to to identify the video or ad as the referring source of the phone call?

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Is there a Limit to How Many Keywords I Can Track in a PPC Campaign?
No. With KeyMetric you can literally track phone calls from an unlimited number of pay per click keywords. Our session-based platform means we determine the number of phone numbers needed in your pool based on estimated visitors, not on the number of keywords you are bidding on. As your visitor increases and/ or decreases, the size of your phone number pool can be adjusted to ensure you capture every unique customer session and call.

What Do I Need to Do To My PPC Campaign For KeyMetric To Track Phone Calls & Engagements?
Like using any other analytics or tracking tool, KeyMetric requires you add tracking parameters to your destination URL(s) within your pay per click campaign to communicate with the KeyMetric software. These tracking parameters can be added at the ad-level URL(s), or Keyword-level URL(s); depending on how you wish to set up your campaign.

Can I use Local & Toll-Free Numbers to Track My Phone Calls From PPC?
Yes, both local and toll-free numbers can be used to tracking phone calls from pay per click campaigns. Depending on whether you are running a national campaign, or more geo-targeted campaigns in smaller markets, a KeyMetric representative can help you determine which type of phone number will be best to help maximize your phone call conversion rates.

Can I Port Phone Numbers To or From KeyMetric
Yes. Federal Law states that if you are paying for a toll-free or local phone number than you own the rights to that phone number and can port to any provider at any time. Porting one or more phone numbers can typically take 3-5 weeks. Simply ask your KeyMetric sales person or account manager for more information.