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Phone Call Tracking For Single Ad Sources & Campaigns
Easily Track Call Conversions from Unlimited Online, Offline & Digital Traffic & Advertising Sources & Campaigns

Instantly track inbound phone calls from unlimited online, offline and digital traffic sources, campaigns and advertisements by assigning a unique toll-free or local phone number to each source. Measure the performance of each investment against website visits, call conversions and overall return-on-investment (ROI) to know where to reinvest your marketing dollars.

  • To track responses from a monthly newsletter you could include the unique phone number (866) 777-1111 to identify all inbound phone call conversions. You could also provide a unique URL (unique domain or subdomain for your newsletter) to your website that would identify the newsletter as the unique advertising source; allowing KeyMetric to display the same phone number on your website.
  • Customers listening to a local radio commercial may hear the announcer give out the phone number (866) 777-2222 and/ or be told to visit the website; where you can then identify that radio ad as a unique traffic source and show the same tracking phone number when customers visit your website.
  • Customers driving down the freeway may see a billboard that includes the phone number (866) 777-3333 . Every phone call received on that phone number is instantly identified as a call conversion from your billboard campaign.
  • This same process applies to an unlimited number of online, offline and digital traffic sources, campaigns and advertisements including, but not limited to:
    • TV Commercials & Interactive Messages
    • Videos on, and More
    • Newspaper & Magazine Advertising
    • Press Releases
    • Postcards & Mailers
    • Vehicle Branding & Wraps
    • Coupons such as Groupon, Living Social & More
    • Tradeshow Booths & Collaterals
    • Clothing & Apparel
    • Social Media & Business Profiles
    • Customer Communications & Updates
    • Unlimited Other Campaigns, Sources & Ads

Did You Know...

You can easily track the marketing effectiveness of unique online and offline traffic sources and advertising campaigns by simply including unique toll-free and/ or local phone numbers, email addresses and domains/ subdomains? Now you can stop guessing which marketing investments are delivering phone calls, customer engagements and sales.

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