Dynamic Phone Call Tracking & Call Analytics

Nearly 65% of all online and mobile searches (b2b and b2c) and website visits result in an inbound phone call.

KeyMetric® gives you up-to-the-minute access to "Smart Data" reports to easily measure, diagnose and optimize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, social media interactions, digital media and SEO content investments across every engagement - even when your customers pick up the telephone.

Know Which Online, Offline & Mobile Investments Make Your Phone Ring!
  • Referring Traffic Source
  • Referring Domain
  • Search Engine & Network
  • Content Network
  • Affiliate Network & ID
  • Ad Source & Type
  • Media Source & Type
  • Social Network
  • Pay per click Keyword
  • Organic Search Term
  • Offline Ad Source
  • Offline Ad Campaign

Best-in-Class Features & Benefits!
  • Unlimited Source & Keyword Call Tracking
  • Session-Based Intelligent Number Insertion
  • Easy Implementation on Websites & Content
  • Customized Administration for Agencies
  • Use Existing Telephony Services (Enterprise)
  • Integrate Call Data with Third-Party Apps
  • Standard & Custom Real-Time Reporting
  • Instant Local & Toll-Free Numbers
  • Call Recording, Whisper & Annotation
  • Post-Call Scoring & Sales Notes
  • Integrated Online Conversion Analytics
  • Month-to-Month Service. No Contracts
And remember, with KeyMetric you can also track all your online conversions such as visits, form submissions, emails, downloads, live chat, video views, etc.
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Share Your KeyMetric Call Analytics Data

KeyMetric seamlessly pushes phone call conversion data to Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Acquisio, Salesforce.com, DashThis, and more. This feature supports customers looking to view their KeyMetric call conversion data with information provided by independent third-party sources and systems.
For Google Analytics and AdWords, simply provide KeyMetric with your Google Analytics Account ID. That's it. No changes are required to your website or Google Account. And once your KeyMetric call data is integrated with Google Analytics, you can seamlessly import it into Google AdWords to view as conversions.

For those customers (and call tracking vendors) looking to integrate KeyMetric analytics data with internal systems or with other third-party Enterprise reporting systems, we provide the KeyMetric API - a Web Services API to pull KeyMetric call conversion data, in real-time, to those systems.

KeyMetric Enteprise Call Tracking

KeyMetric Enterprise is the only call analytics platform in the world that is capable of integrating third-party telephony providers and nearly unlimited business management systems. Unlike other call tracking companies that can only use their telephone numbers and minutes, KeyMetric Enterprise can sealessly integrate with any third-party telephony provider (and use their toll-free and local phone numbers) that is capable of exporting a data record of the call activity via the KeyMetric API.
Often, larger companies or businesses with multiple locations already have a dedicated telephone service provider who they purchase cost-effective toll-free and/ or local phone numbers from; and where they benefit from low per-minute or per-call rates. KeyMetric Enterprise is ideal for larger advertisers, ad publishers, call centers and other businesses who have made an investment in their telephone systems and processes, yet are looking to benefit from advanced, real-time call analytics.

Experience the KeyMetric Difference

Whether you're a small to medium sized business, an online retailer, an interactive agency, affiliate marketing or Fortune 500 company - KeyMetric adTrax delivers the "Smart Data" you need to quickly and easily make intelligent marketing decisions. Prepare to become the Smartest Marketer in the room!


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